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Spray and Ski
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Ski Shop Exclusive


250 gr. bars machine wax

Counter sale

Race Wax Cubes

Ski Shop Exclusive


250 gr. machine wax

Counter sale

Race Wax Cubes

100 % Eco Packaging

Our ski wax is packed in recycled and recycable carboard

40% Less Friction

Faster than any other ski wax on the planet

100% Biodegradable

Safe for humans and the environment, no fluoro

International Ski Federation (FIS)
Bans Fluoro Ski Waxes

Glide Nano has the only green alternative, replacing fluoro by eco
nano particles. Those are super hydrophobic and reduce friction.

Works For All Disciplines

Glide Nano ski wax works for all Wintersport disciplines like alpine skiing with alpine combined skiing, downhill skiing, super-G skiing, giant slalom skiing, slalom skiing, parallel skiing.

But also for disciplines of nordic skiing : cross-country skiing, ski jumping, nordic combined skiing, ski flying.

Let’s not forget the spectacular freestyle skiing with moguls skiing, aerials skiing, ski cross, half-pipe skiing or Big Air skiing.

Before our friends of snowboarding ask, yes it also glides super for the following: Parallel giant slalom snowboarding, Parallel slalom snowboarding, Snowboard cross, Half-pipe snowboarding, Big Air snowboarding and Slope style snowboarding. Finally let’s not forget that you can also use glide nano skiwax with Grass skiing, Speed skiing or Telemark skiing.