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November 13th 16.00 CET

As a Green Nano Company, we want to develop the next generation
of ski waxes. Until now, nobody was able to replace fluorine. This
is a hydrophobic product that makes skis and snowboards slide
faster and better, especially in wet conditions.


Glide Nano Ski

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

No fluor
Eco Friendly


Equal or better than Fluorine
Eco Friendly

Longer Lasting

Equal or better than Fluorine
Eco Friendly

Gliding Experience

Equal or better than Fluorine

Unfortunately fluorine has some serious disadvantages, such as:

  • short effectiveness
  • it is cancerous for people applying it
  • it is very bad for the environment

At present different versions of Glide Nano are being tested under laboratory conditions.

Become a part of the fluor free generation

What do we expect from Glide Nano Ambassadors?

As you can imagine, feedback is very important. It would be great if you could test our product and tell us more about:

  • Gliding experience overall and compared to (fluorine) wax
  • How long it lasts on your skis or snowboard. Please use a ski tracking app to give feedback about the kilometres you skied
  • What you think is great about it or can be improved.
  • Sends us some pictures and videos of you testing the product.

Once the product will be launched officially, planned for the start of the 2019-2020 season, we won’t forget our Glide Nano Ambassadors.