GN Racing program

You can join our great GN Racing program, open for
Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, Freestyle skiing,
Snowboarding, …

FIS racers > 100 points

FIS racers <= 100 points

FIS racers < 35 points

top 30
South American Cup (SAC), Far East Cup (FEC), Australia N-Zealand Cup (ANC)

top 50
Europe Cup and NAC (north American Cup)

top 50
World Cup

For Alpine Racing (for other disciplines levels might be different)

As a GN racer you automatically
become an Ambassador.

This means you can earn extra free wax by promoting Glide Nano.

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* Please take into account that we can’t sponsor everybody, but you can always earn free wax by promoting Glide Nano as an Ambassador.

You might even become a full sponsored Glide Nano Team Rider!