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Ski fanatic and marketer meets engineers.
The Vision

As ski fanatic and marketer, Serge wanted to develop a ski wax, using green nano technology, in order to replace toxic fluorocarbons (both the older C8 as the new C6 version).

The Collaboration

Serge met Samuel and Neda, as well as their team at Surftec Engineering.

Surftec Engineering specializes in R&D on Tribology and Nano technology.

Working with the ministry of Energy, they patented some revolutionary coatings and lubricants.

An example would be the 100% icephobic or very low friction coatings for electro engines.

Surftec Engineering has advanced the field of Tribology (the study of friction and wear) with new nanomaterial coating technologies. 

Dry lubrication: up to 110% lower friction and 24x times more durable than any commercial fluoropolymer coating on the market.

Anti-corrosion: Can withstand extreme basic or acidic environments.

Icephobic coating: Resists the formation of frost, rime ice, precipitation icing and glaze ice (decreases ice adhesion by factor 3.3).

Anti-biofouling: Prevents bacteria and microorganisms from accumulating on the surface (up to 80% lower bioaccumulation).

Production began in our own laboratory in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA and will be implemented in the European Union next season.

We plan on making an entire range of products:

Bicycle drive train lubricant Anti-icing for airplanes and wind turbines Low friction materials for mechanical and electrical systems.

Our technology is suitable wherever lower friction and higher wear resistance matters.

Glide Nano

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Our Team

Dr. Samuel Beckford
Dr. Samuel Beckford

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