About us

As ski fanatic and marketer, Serge wanted to develop a ski wax, using green nano technology, in order to replace toxic fluoro carbons (both the older C8 as the new C6 version)

He met Samuel and Neda, together with
their team at Surftec Engineering.

This a Arkansas University Spin-off
under supervision of Professor Min Zou.

They specialise in R&D on Tribology and
Nano technology.

Working with the ministry of Energy,
they patented some revolutionary
and lubricants.

Like 100% icephobic or very low friction coatings for electro engines.

After intensive lab and field test, our USA – EU team will launch this innovating product on November 19th at 14.00 CET with a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

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November 19th 14.00 CET